Enjoying fashion month online 

Live streaming is a fantastic luxury afforded to fashion fans who can't make the live shows. It can be a juggling act, though, so have a read through our guide on how to make the most of fashion month online.   

Be prepared

Before fashion month, make sure your browser is up-to-date including plug-ins such as Flash. This will hopefully avoid any last-minute panics due to incompatibility. 

It's also worth joining Facebook (you don't need to add any friends) as many streams take place on the designers' official pages. 

Fashionably late

Most shows - and therefore live streams - will start late. Many will start as much as 30-minutes after the advertised show time, so don't worry too much if you are still looking at a 'live stream coming soon' screen - however, make sure you periodically refresh the page in case it doesn't start automatically.


If your live stream is constantly stuttering or has poor picture quality, it could be due to the amount of programmes running on your computer. Close as much down as possible. Try closing and reopening your internet browser. If none of this works, it could just be the live streaming website is struggling with the amount of viewers.


Twitter is a wonderful companion to streaming - our Twitter feed, @catwalklivetv, will have reminders so that you don't miss your favourite shows, while many fashionistas will tweet their thoughts real-time as the shows are going on, both from watching live streams or from the front row.

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