CatwalkLive.TV plugin
Add live streaming schedules to your website or blog

Our plugin (working example to the right), is a small 270px-high box that will show the forthcoming shows for that day once Fashion Month begins. It is designed to fit snugly into your website or blog's sidebar and - with the up-to-date live streaming catwalk schedules - gives readers a great reason to keep coming back to your blog.

To add this plugin, copy-and-paste the below code into your blog. Most blogging platforms (Blogger, Wordpress...) allow you to add additional HTML or HTML widgets to your template.

Please note: This plugin is provided with the best possible intent. Make sure you back-up your blog/website template before adding the code in case it does not display as intended. As CatwalkLive.TV only covers Fashion Month, please note that a placeholder message will be displayed during the off-season. CatwalkLive.TV reserves the right to withdraw this service without notice.

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